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Welcome to the website of Audley Rural Parish Council which contains information about the Parish Council, the Councillors, the area it covers, Council meetings, minutes and agendas along with other useful information. If you have any comments to improve the site or pictures of the Parish that you would like to see on the website, please email the Clerk at audleyparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk

The Parish of Audley is the largest in area in the District of Newcastle-under-Lyme, covering some 2717 hectares. The Parish has a population of around 8000, 3800 houses and 150 businesses.  It comprises 7 distinctly separate villages and many small hamlets. The council consists of 15 members and has one part time employee, the Parish Clerk.

Public Statement regarding CCTV Cameras in Church Street (03.01.22)

We would like to reassure everyone that following the investment into the new CCTV camera system in Church Street the high quality footage is being used to help the Police with their ongoing investigations regarding recent events.  It has already been used as evidence for earlier (unrelated) incidents.

Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council – Local Plan Issues and Options – Extended to Mon 24th Jan 2022 at 5pm

The consultation for the Newcastle under Lyme Local Plan is now live ….the document requires people to pass comment on a number of things which also includes the following 6 growth options:

  • Growth Direction 1: Development on strategic sites outside the Green Belt – Large scale rural extensions
  • Growth Direction 2: Strategic Green Belt release for an urban extension – University Growth Corridor
  • Growth Direction 3: Green Belt release for development of strategic sites – Talke and Chesterton expansion
  • Growth Direction 4: Green Belt release for development of strategic sites – Kidsgrove expansion
  • Growth Direction 5: Green Belt release for development of strategic sites – Audley Rural expansion
  • Growth Direction 6: Combination of strategic sites across the Borough comprising both sites outside the Green Belt and sites which require Green Belt release

It also seeks views on a potential large (170 ha) employment site located in Green Belt off Moat Lane/Park Lane, Audley.

You can have your views by going to https://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/planning-policy/local-plan/2 – to respond to the consultation which ends on Monday 24th January 2022 at 5pm.

The Parish Council has now submitted it response to the Local Plan Issues and Options consultation.  You can view it here: Please click here to view the Local Plan Issues and Options Questions – Audley Rural Parish Council Response submitted 22.12.21 (PDF)

Please click here to view the Local Plan Issues and Options Questions ARPC Response submitted 22.12.21 (Word 97-2003 version)

Please click here to view some general guidance on the Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation Response for Audley  Rural Parish (PDF)

Please click here to view the leaflet which has been posted to every parishioner in Audley Parish – delivery during w/c 3rd Jan 2022 (PDF)  

Visit  https://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/planning-policy/local-plan – to see the Local Plan Issues and Options document

https://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/all-services/planning/planning-policy – for the evidence which supports the document and growth options.

You can book onto one of the consultation events – see attached information.  This must be done in advance if you wish to speak to a Planning officer for a 15 min slot.  You can still drop in but may not get to speak to someone.  Please click here to view the Extended Consultation Poster and Audley consultation session on 11.01.22

Extended Consultation Poster 29 11 jpeg

Please click here to view information on the Audley Rural Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Click this link to find out details about the new Door2Door Community Transport Scheme for Audley Rural Parish (PDF leaflet or by clicking this link to view the Door2Door Community Transport Scheme in Audley Rural Parish page

COVID 19 Guidance and Information

You can view more information by clicking this link to view the latest guidance from the Government at www.gov.uk/guidance/

COVID-19 – Parish Play Areas are fully open (21st July 2021)

The Government have withdrawn the guidance (as at 19th July 2021) on play areas and outdoor gyms, so we have reinstated all play equipment in the parish council owned sites.  www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-managing-playgrounds-and-outdoor-gyms

We have left the below signs in place (metal ones only) and social distancing banners while we are still in the pandemic.

Thank you for your patience.

Audley Rural Parish Council

This sets out the rules which must be abide by. Please see page Covid-19 for alternative text example

This sets out the rules by which adults and children must follow when using the play equipment - please see page Covid-19 for alternative text

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – What we can all do to help

During the first lockdown in March 2020, the Parish Council delivered 3800 approx newsletters and post cards to all properties across our Parish. If you have not received one, please contact the Clerk on 07901 692414 who will get another copy to you in the post. You can also access it here as a PDF – Newsletter PDF – If you need it in another format, please also contact the Clerk.

Thank you to the volunteers who gave up their time to help achieve this important task.

In addition postcards as shown below have been put into all local shops, Audley petrol station, Audley, Bignall End and Halmer End post offices, Audley Health Centre and Audley pharmacy. All properties have also had one with the newsletter. Please use them to help your neighbour if you can by completing your details and posting them through the door. Even just a friendly chat on the phone is helpful.

If you need additional help with shopping, prescriptions etc – please call the helpline set up 01782 720392 – which is being run with the local churches. A local food bank system has now been set up to help those who need additional support.

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