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Welcome to the website of Audley Rural Parish Council

Welcome to the website of Audley Rural Parish Council which contains information about the Parish Council, the Councillors, the area it covers, Council meetings, minutes and agendas along with other useful information.  If you have any comments to improve the site or pictures of the Parish that you would like to see on the website, please send to the Clerk at

The Parish of Audley is the largest in area in the District of Newcastle-under-Lyme, covering some 2717 hectares.  The Parish has a population of around 7988, and comprises 7 distinctly separate villages and many small hamlets.  The council consists of 15 members and has one employee, the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council were very sorry to see Bert Proctor leave at it’s last meeting on 22nd May 2019.  This follows 12 years of loyal service to the Parish Council and Parish as a whole.  With 6 of those 12 years spent as the Chair.   The position of Chair (and Parish Councillor) is often underestimated and sometimes can be a thankless task – with many hours put in behind the scenes which go unnoticed.  However during Bert’s time on the Parish Council there has been enormous progress made and the Parish Council has gone from strength to strength.  It goes without saying that Bert’s wisdom, humour and leadership will be greatly missed.

Parish Police Surgery

Thursday 31st January at 7pm until 9pm – Audley Pensioners Hall, Church Street, Audley.  This is in addition to the usual police/parish surgery that occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Audley Community Centre at 10am.  There is also a police surgery held at Halmer End Institute on a regular basis.  For more information please contact Mike Joynson on 07769 194406 or email


CCTV Bignall End Road, Hall Street and Old Road (Leddys Field),  Alsagers Road Play area Audley and Albert Street Bignall End – January 2019

To provide a network of surveillance cameras across the hot spots in the Parish in order to combat the ongoing ASB problem, CCTV will be installed at the above locations.  This will be in accordance with the ICO Code of Practice and is for the purposes of preventing crime and ASB.  PLEASE BE AWARE :  These cameras have night vision and zoom on them, so that they can be used by the Police to detect perpetrators during the dark hours.

Queen Street (CARA) Play area

Please take your dog poo bags home and dispose of them.  The bin on the park is emptied by volunteers, so they would prefer to only have to handle normal waste.


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