Audited accounts and Transparency

Accounts Year Ending 2011/12
Click here
to view the Annual Statement of Accounts for the year ending 2011/2012
Click here to view the Annual Return (audited) for 2011/12

Accounts Year Ending 2012/13
Click here to view the completed annual return plus attachments for 2012/13

Accounts Year Ending 2013/14
Click here to view the Final Audited Annual Return for 2013/14 and the Notice of completion of accounts 13/14 posted 27.07.14

Accounts Year Ending 2014/15
Click here to view the notice for the Accounts year 2014/15 Notice of Conclusion of Audit  – posted 13th August –
Audited Annual Return for 2014-  click here ARPC Annual Return 14-15 to view
Click here to view the Internal Auditors Report 14-15

Accounts Year Ending 2015/16
Click here to view the Completed-Annual-Return-15_16-post External Audit 28 Sept 2016 and the notice of Conclusion of Audit plus the internal auditors report.

Accounts Year Ending 2016/17
Click here to view the Signed Annual Return  year ending March 2017 and notices of public inspection

Payments over £100 – year ending March
Please click List of payments over £100 as at 31st March 16 to view the current list for this financial year
Please click here to view the Payments over £100 as at 31 March 17