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Agenda now available for the next ARPC meeting 16th August Audley Pensioners Hall at 7pm

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Leddys Field – Pond Water levels July 2018

A wildlife expert and 2 officers from the Environment Agency attended Leddys Field pond on Sunday 8th July 2018.  On inspection of the pond and surrounding areas one none native grass carp was found to be dead in the mud shallows and no sign of any other fish alive or dead was noted.  None of the native waterfowl on site appear to be in any way disadvantaged or at risk.

It was concluded that the dead fish was in an advanced state of decay and had been dead for over a week. It is the opinion of the wildlife expert that the fish was around ten years of age and not from the water body it was found in, it is suggested that it is from a private ornamental collection and has been dumped where it has been found.  The carcass has been disposed of accordingly.

The Environment Agency’s position on the water level at Leddys Field is that it is because it is fed by a natural inlet, although it is sad to see a natural water course dry up, nature will take its course.   Once rains return as they surely will then normal balance will be restored.  As no fish or other wildlife are being directly affected then no action needs to be taken.

Any water coming from a mains water source would be chlorinated and detrimental to the natural environment so would not be approved by the Environment Agency.

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