Bus Subsidy – Increase in Precept 2018

A public meeting held on 11th January 2018, saw resounding support to raise the Precept in 2018/19 by an additional 26p per week (per Band D property).  This money will be used to continue with the bus subsidy from April 2018 onwards.  The proposal was put the Parish Council on 18th January 2018, who considered all options available.  It was agreed to increase the Precept by 26p per week (Band D property) to allow for the Saturday service to be returned and to retain most of the Monday to Friday evening service (with the last bus from Newcastle town being 19.45).  The additional funding will also ensure we have a bus service running every Sunday and all Bank Holidays.  Thank you to those who shared their views, this will continue to sustain our rural villages and provide much needed transport to those who rely the buses for work and to access community services.