Bus Subsidy – Increase in Precept 2018

A recent decision was taken by Staffordshire County Council to remove the subsidy funding from the bus services which support Audley Parish.  This will see the Monday to Friday evening services stopped and also the Sunday & Bank Holiday service stopped – from April 2018.  As a result the Parish Council are consulting with parishioners to gauge views on the Parish Council funding the gap, through the use of the Precept.  This will see an increase of around 35p per week per Band D Council Tax property if the Parish were to fully fund the lost services.

Following the public meeting on Thurs 11th January 2018, the Parish Council have taken a decision to increase the precept to allow for the bus service to continue in the evenings, bank holidays/Sundays, but also to return the Saturday service from April 1st 2018 onwards.  Please see the minutes of the meeting held on 18th January 2018.


Audley Rural Parish Council (18th January 2018)