Council policies

Please click on the links below for the relevant policy adopted by the Council:

Model Standing Orders 2018 (England) (002) ARPC Adopted May 19   (reviewed April 2023)

Financial Regulations July 2019 ARPC REVSED Oct 19 (revised Oct 2019, reviewed April 2023)

Freedom of Information Act Policy and Publication Scheme (adopted 18th August 2011) reviewed May 2023

Audley Rural Parish Council – Complaints procedure adopted May 18 FINAL (adopted 17 May 2018)  reviewed May 2023

Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct 2020 NBC – APRC adopted 16 June 2022

Media Policy adopted 16 April 15 reviewed June 18 –  Reviewed May 2023

ARPC Social Media adopted Nov 19 (reviewed April 2022)


Data Protection Act 2018 :
Removable media policy adopted Dec 18 
Privacy Policy adopted June 18
Information Data Protection Policy 2018 adopted Dec 18 

Location of Cameras : Audley Village Church Street and Hall Street, New/Old Road junction, Play areas – Alsager Road, Bignall End Road, Albert Street, Queen Street

Please click here to view the Staffs County Council ICO Data Protection Impact Assessment – June 2020 (PDF)

Due to privacy and Data Protection Act 2018 footage in relation to a suspected criminal activity will be supplied to Staffordshire Police when supported by a Crime incident number and a signed Disclosure Request Form from the Police.  

Please view to see your rights regarding footage of yourself. Please click here to view the Audley Rural Parish Council CCTV policy adopted June 2020 revised May 23. (PDF) This policy contains information on how to request the footage of yourself. If you wish to request footage of yourself from one of the Parish Council’s cameras – Please click here for the Subject Access Request Form for personal footage CCTV APRC FINAL Jan 2022

Please click here to view the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) Guidance regarding requesting CCTV footage

HR policies – adopted March 2020:
Whistleblowing-policy-v2 ARPC March 2020 adopted
Sickness-absence-policy-v2 ARPC March 2020 adopted
Annual-leave-policy as at March 2020 ARPC adopted
Equality-diversity-policy ARPC March 2020 adopted
Equal Opportunity Policy ARPC Adopted Feb 13 reviewed May 23

Safeguarding Policy – Vulnerable Children and Adults –
Parish Council Safeguarding Policy Appd ARPC Nov 19

APRC High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy adopted 23 March 2020- currently in operation until further notice