Budget and Precept for 2018/19

Budget for 2018/19 and Precept Amount
The draft budget and precept amount will be discussed for the first time at the meeting on 19th October 17  (Audley Pensioners Hall) and will be confirmed at the latest at the January 2018 meeting.
All parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings of the parish council to voice their opinions on the council’s spending plans and precept setting arrangements.   Details can be found here for the details of the next meeting

Budget for 2017/18 and Precept amount – raising funds for a new play area..Halmer End
The budget for the current financial year (April 2017 to March 2018) was discussed at the October, November, December and January 2017 meetings.  The precept was set at the February 2017 meeting.

Financial year 2016/17 – raising funds for a new play area..Alsager Road Audley
In April 2016 the Parish Council increased the precept to raise funds to provide new and modern play equipment at Alsager Road, Audley – one of the 8 parish owned/managed play areas.    In order to raise the much needed funds the Parish Council approved a budget at their meeting in October 2015 which saw an increase to the Precept for 2016/17.  Based on a property paying Council Tax in Band D this equated to an additional amount of £0.47 paid per week – approx. a total of £0.80p per week paid (or £41.85 per year rather than the previous year in 15/16 of £17.50 per year).  The equipment to be installed at Alsager Road was decided through consultation with local children and the four parish schools – and will be in place for Spring 2017.

We hope you agree that this will be money well spent as the Parish’s play areas are in need of upgrading over the next few years for a number of reasons.    If you have any concerns please contact the Parish Council.