Notices and agendas

Public notices are displayed at least 3 working days before the Council meeting takes place and provide details of the time, date and venue for the forthcoming meeting.  These can be found in the 8 notice boards across the villages – Audley Library, Scot Hay (by red phone box), Alsagers Bank (opp Gresley Arms), Bignall End (by the Plough),  Halmer End (by shops), Halmer End (by Bateswood), Miles Green (on Heathcote Road) and Wood Lane (Church Street).

Councillors are also summonsed by the Parish Clerk either by post or email to attend the next meeting and agendas are issued at least 3 working days in advance of the meeting. Please click here to view the dates of the next meetings.

The next meeting of the Full Council is on Thursday 19th March 2020 Wood Lane Community Centre, Apedale Road – this starts at approx 7pm, following the Allotments Committee which starts at 6.30pm before  Please see AGENDA Mar 20  for a copy of the agenda for the next meeting.

In addition an Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council has been called for Monday 23rd March 2020 at Audley Pensioners Hall at 6pm.  This is to set up business continuity plans in the event that future meetings are suspended and in addition to discuss assistance for those in need.  Please see AGENDA March EGM agenda issued 17.03.20 and Appendix A APRC Draft High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy

Please see attached guidance regarding speaking at Parish Council meetings: Public participation at Parish Council meetings