Newcastle Borough Council – Local Plan Consultation extended to 24th January 2022 5pm

The consultation for the Newcastle under Lyme Local Plan is now live ….the document requires people to pass comment on a number of things which also includes the following 6 growth options:

  • Growth Direction 1: Development on strategic sites outside the Green Belt – Large scale rural extensions
  • Growth Direction 2: Strategic Green Belt release for an urban extension – University Growth Corridor
  • Growth Direction 3: Green Belt release for development of strategic sites – Talke and Chesterton expansion
  • Growth Direction 4: Green Belt release for development of strategic sites – Kidsgrove expansion
  • Growth Direction 5: Green Belt release for development of strategic sites – Audley Rural expansion
  • Growth Direction 6: Combination of strategic sites across the Borough comprising both sites outside the Green Belt and sites which require Green Belt release

You should also consider the implication of the proposal at this stage which could see the development of a large site (AB2) of Green Belt (70 hectares) in Audley (Park Lane/Junction 16/Moat Lane) for warehousing.

You can have your views by going to – to respond to the consultation which ends on 24th January 2022.

Visit – – to see the document – for the evidence which supports the document and growth options.

You can book onto one of the consultation events – see attached information.  This must be done in advance.  Please click here to view the Consultation Information Poster

Consultation Information Poster Oct 2021