A wildlife expert and 2 officers from the Environment Agency attended Leddys Field pond on Sunday 8th July 2018.  On inspection of the pond and surrounding areas one none native grass carp was found to be dead in the mud shallows and no sign of any other fish alive or dead was noted.  None of the native waterfowl on site appear to be in any way disadvantaged or at risk.

It was concluded that the dead fish was in an advanced state of decay and had been dead for over a week. It is the opinion of the wildlife expert that the fish was around ten years of age and not from the water body it was found in, it is suggested that it is from a private ornamental collection and has been dumped where it has been found.  The carcass has been disposed of accordingly.

The Environment Agency’s position on the water level at Leddys Field is that it is because it is fed by a natural inlet, although it is sad to see a natural water course dry up, nature will take its course.   Once rains return as they surely will then normal balance will be restored.  As no fish or other wildlife are being directly affected then no action needs to be taken.

Any water coming from a mains water source would be chlorinated and detrimental to the natural environment so would not be approved by the Environment Agency.


Local Officers in the Audley area would like to update residents that we are aware of the ongoing issues on the estates (Audley and Bignall End) involving a group of teenagers aged between 13-14 years of age. The issues range from these youths drinking alcohol on the local parks and smashing the bottles onto the park area once finished, through to damage and thefts of wheelie bins which they are then setting on fire.  

Over the last month local officers have identified the bulk of the group and at the end of March their parents were visited and advised of the issues that their children are causing on the estate for residents. We have also been into Sir Thomas Boughey High School along with the fire brigade and provided talks to the relevant age group around the consequences of this behaviour carrying on.  Whilst at present this has had a positive effect on most of the children within that group there are still a few who are not taking the advice on board, and we are currently liaising with partners as to where we go next with those individuals.

What we will ask is that as a resident you make sure that wheelie bins are safe and secure and are not left on the street overnight making it an easy target for the group.  Also if you see any youths with bins or committing any other criminal or anti-social acts that you report this immediately on 101 so that we can deal with those individual at the time.

As a parent we are asking that you are aware of where you children are and what they are up to whilst they are out on the estates particularly on a Friday and Saturday evening.

On the first weekend of April a Section 34 dispersal order was granted by the Inspector covering the Audley estate.  This allows us to remove the youths off the estate or requires them to leave the estate immediately unless they are with an adult and this is a tool that we have to utilise should we need to again.

The last thing we would ask is that if anyone has any information on the youths causing the problems or can offer any evidence towards any criminal acts they have committed that they contact one of the local officers either on 101 or via the emails below.



Subject: Local Members, Local MP, Newcastle Borough Council, Parish Councils, Action Group and Planning Committee – UPDATE 5/2/15 re: APPLICATION WITHDRAWN – Great Oak surface coal mine proposals, Bignall End, Newcastle under Lyme – N.14/03/2013 M


Dear all

I wrote to the administrators for the applicant (Price Waterhouse Cooper) last week to try to establish the prospect of more information being received to enable us to determine the planning application submitted by UK Coal Surface Mines Ltd on 20 February 2014 to develop the Great Oak site, near Bignall End, Newcastle under Lyme (our ref. N.14/03/2013 M) (please note that the application status will update overnight).

I’m sure you will be interested to learn that I’ve now received a reply from Price Waterhouse Cooper who have WITHDRAWN the planning application. I’ve updated our Applications making the headlines web page accordingly.

I have therefore closed the planning application file on this matter.

Kind regards

Mike Grundy Planning, Policy & Development Control Manager Staffordshire County Council