Play Area Strategy and New Equipment (as at April 2017)

Please click here to view the final layout design for the new equipment planned for Alsager Road, Audley to be installed later this Spring/summer 2017.  Please note the tarmaced path is for illustration purposes only at this stage.

Please click here to view the Play area strategy – approved Feb 15– which sets the background regarding the investment into play areas over 2016/17 and 2017/18.  Please note that since this play area strategy was approved, CARA are taking the lead and pursing the improvements for Queen Street. Also that the Parish Council have brought forward Alsager Road over Albert Street, due to concerns raised by residents at Albert Street in light of ongoing ASB on the site, and as part of the wider scheme discussed for Alsager Road in conjunction with other agencies.   Halmer End will be addressed next year.  The precept was therefore raised as the Lottery Reaching Communities Fund was not eligible for Alsager Road.