Remembrance Day Services 2020

Audley and Alsagers Bank Remembrance Day Services

Sunday 8th November 2020

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Sadly, this year we are unable to hold a Remembrance Day service for all to attend

Please stay at home and Remember on your Doorstep

Current Coronavirus restrictions stop large gatherings of people outdoors, due to the risk of spreading the infection especially in the rapid increase in hospital admissions.  If a large crowd gathers, then the Police have the powers to stop events from happening and/or issue a £10,000 fine. We fully understand that this news will upset lots who would usually pay their respects for lost loved ones in the wars.  We have a duty of care to protect our vulnerable and elderly in the community by limiting the spread of infection.

We will still remember them at 11am, but it will be a very small wreath laying service that will take place on the morning of Sunday 8th November (unless measures change).  This will be by invite only and will include only those from armed forces, local community organisations and emergency services.

If you know of any war veterans, military, ex-military personnel and emergency services who may wish to be included in this invite only event, please contact the Parish Council on 07901 692414 as soon as possible.

We apologise in advance for the closure of the roads at both sites between 10.30am and 11.30am on Sunday 8th November 2020.

All other people are asked to stay at home and remember on their doorstep for this year.  You can watch the service live at

The day before (Saturday) you can leave your wreath at St James Church for Audley, St Johns Church, Halmer End Methodist Church or Audley Methodist Church. Alternatively, households have the chance to spend 2 minutes in silence at Audley cenotaph one after the other in the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday.  This is being organised by the Churches, please go to the St James Audley Facebook Page to sign up for a slot and read the safety instructions carefully.

Please do not attend unless it is by pre-arranged agreement.

Audley Rural Parish Council 26 October 2020