Who we are

Audley Parish Council consists of 15 elected members who serve the wards of Audley, Halmer End and Bignall End. Elections took place on 3rd May 2018 and the term of office is for 4 years. Elections are held (unless uncontested) at the end of every term of office. The Audley Rural Parish Councillor contact details are listed below.

Chair of Audley Rural Parish Council
Mr N Hayes
Rainbow Cottage
34 Boon Hill Road
Bignall End
07989 170423

Vice Chair of Audley Rural Parish Council

External Bodies
Ms Anna Borowski Baskeyfield (Ind) Parkfields Farm, Park Lane, Audley, Staffs ST7 8HR ab4cnd@gmail.com Audley
Mrs Valerie Pearson (Lib Dem) 23 Hill Terrace, Audley, Staffs ST7 8DD 01782 722959


val.pearson@me.com Audley
Mrs Nicola Myatt (Ind) 41 Wereton Road, Audley, ST7 8EN 07964 158959 Audley
Mrs Catherine Richardson


173 Nantwich Road, Audley, Staffs ST7 8DL m. 07462 233582 cjr173@sky.com Audley
Mr Nick Hayes Rainbow Cottage, 34 Boon Hill Road, Bignall End, Staffs ST7 8LF m. 07989 170423 nick.hayes@btconnect.com Bignall End 1.    Chair

2.    Allotment Sub group

3.    Traffic Sub group

Mr Deane Jervis Rye Hills Farm, Rye Hills, Bignall End, Staffs, ST7 8LP 07766 018601 deane@pbsupplies.co.uk Bignall End
Mr David Butler (Lab) 9 Megacre, Bignall End, Staffs ST7 8PA 01782 943108 davidbutlerexp@hotmail.co.uk Bignall End 1.    Allotment Sub group

2.    Traffic sub group

Mr Ron Kinnersley (Ind) 22 Vernon Avenue, Audley, Staffs ST7 8EF 07455 755755 ronkinnersley@live.co.uk Bignall End 1.      SPCA

2.      Allotment Sub Group

Mr Nick Crisp 99 Ravens Lane, Bignall End, Staffs ST7 8PY 07423 234941 nickcrispapc@yahoo.com Bignall End 1.      Traffic sub group
Mr Matthew Whitmore (Lab) 17 Diglake Street, Bignall End, Staffs ST7 8PZ 07770 046569 matthewwhitmore59@gmail.com Bignall End 1.    Police/Parish Liaison

2.    Traffic sub group

Mr Rob Moody 41 Queen Street, Audley Staffs, ST7 8HB robertmoody57@outlook.com Halmer End
Mr Mick Joynson (Ind) Pemberley, Podmore Lane, Halmer End, Stoke on Trent, ST7 8AB 07769 194406 johnmjoynson@gmail.com Halmer End 1.      Audley LAP

2.      Traffic sub group


VACANT Halmer End
Mr Chris C Cooper (Lab) 68 Miles Green Road, Miles Green, Bignall End, Staffs, ST7 8LQ 01782 720805 cooper.cc@btinternet.com Halmer End 1.      Allotment Sub Group

2.      Traffic sub group

Mr Ron Garlick Acres View, Bignall End Road Bignall End, Staffs, ST7 8LU


01782 722555

07711 180201


deb@potterieswaste.co.uk Halmer End


Audley Ward                          

Mr.H.Proctor (Ind) 10 Monument View, Bignall End ST7 8QP                                  07900 166169  ryehills.farm@googlemail.com

Mr.I.Wilkes (Lib Dem) 33 Chester Road, Audley ST7 8JD                                           01782 722343 wilkesofaudley@mypostoffice.co.uk

Mrs S Moffatt (Lab) 232 High Street Halmerend ST7 8AA                                         07852 159827      sue.moffat@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk


Mrs.A.Beech (Lab)  Ley Ground Farm, Bridgemere, CW5 7PX                                   07973119842      ann.beech3@btinternet.com


Audley Rural Parish Council Clerk

The Parish Council also employs one member of staff – the Parish Clerk. The Parish Clerk works 30 hours a week, and can be contacted during office hours for general enquiries as follows:

Mrs Clare Withington
Parish Clerk
The Croft
Barthomley Road

Tel (Mobile) 07901 692414